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This is a podcast dedicated to answering your questions about mental health, anxiety, depression, relationships, sex, and life WITHOUT psychobabble BS. I am Dr. Robert Duff, a psychologist from Southern California, but I'm also a regular dude who legitimately wants to help out. I wrote the best selling books Hardcore Self Help: F**k Depression and Hardcore Self Help: F**K Anxiety. Those are available at
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Aug 23, 2018

Hello! Fantastic questions on today's Q&A episode. I am always amazed by your honesty and vulnerability when sending these in. Here's what we cover today:

  • Could porn be causing my depression and lack of pleasure in life?
  • How can I deal with my constant panic attacks?
  • Should I talk to my therapist about new fleeting thoughts of suicide?

As always, you can send me your questions for an upcoming episode to

Aug 16, 2018

Another full question and answer episode this week. Awesome questions, as always. I wanted to quickly say thank you for everyone who enrolled in the course. It was a very successful launch and I'm so happy that my hard work over the past year has paid off. THANK YOU!

Here are the questions covered this week:

  • How am I supposed to show my partner love when I have borderline personality disorder?
  • How can I best support my suicidal friends?
  • How can I stop procrastinating and stick to habits with anxiety?

As always, please keep sending me your questions to

Aug 9, 2018

Back at it! This episode is a full three question episode for you. Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks with the short episodes. That helped me out a lot.

On a related note, the course is out! In fact, by the time the next episode drops, you will no longer be able to buy the course!! Get on it

Here are the questions answered in this episode:

  • How do I get over my anxiety about death?
  • What can I do about my crippling regret?
  • I feel attached to my therapist. Is that bad?

If you have a question for a future episode, please send it to


Aug 2, 2018

It's time! Kick Anxiety's Ass is now live! You can get instant access to all 10 modules of awesome anxiety slaying content at If you purchase before Monday, 8/6 and use the coupon code PODCAST, you will get $100 off. You can check out a bunch of free lessons from the course before you decide. I think you are going to get a lot out of it.

In this episode, I answer one listener question about what to do when you are uncomfortable with your therapist walking behind you to their office at the start of session.

We should be back to regularly scheduled programming next week. Until then, keep sending me your questions to

Jul 26, 2018

Hello, friends! Another mini episode this week as I gear up for the launch of Kick Anxiety's Ass, which is next week OMG fjkdlasnfkljd! 

This week I am taking a question about what to do when dealing with a toxic mother that lives in the same city. A tough one, but a really important topic.

Next week will be one more short episode and then we will be back to regularly scheduled programming.

Keep your awesome questions coming! Send them to


Jul 19, 2018

Hello, all! This is another mini-episode with just one question, but boy is it a good one. If you didn't catch the last episode, I am doing a series of short episodes while I crank out the finishing touches on my online course, Kick Anxiety's Ass

In this episode, I take a question about parenting with borderline personality disorder. Full show notes can be found at


If you want to send me a question for a future episode, please send it to


Jul 12, 2018

Hello, friends!

For the next few episodes, I will be just taking one question, so that I can free up some of my time to put the finishing touches on the Kick Anxiety's Ass Course.

For this week, the question is: Would online therapy be a good option for me, since I'm too depressed to do regular in-person therapy?

If you have a question for me, be sure to send it to 

Jul 5, 2018

Hello, friends! Super excited to bring my wife, Joelle, back on the podcast today. As usual, this is a super candid and honest conversation naturally flows into a variety of topics, but we broadly focused on issues related to communication and supporting one another in a relationship where one partner has significant mental health challenges. We bring our own personal experience into it and keep it super real. I hope you enjoy it. 

Just a reminder: You have until 7/9/18 to enter the Kick Anxiety's Ass giveaway. Good luck! 

Jun 28, 2018

This episode is a little different. It's basically a deep-dive episode, but it's a little more off-the-cuff than usual. Given the multitude of troubling events in the US news today, I wanted to give some thoughts and advice about dealing with the news and the state of the world. It can be exceptionally hard for someone with mental health issues to know what to do when the state of the world becomes overwhelming. I hope the thoughts that I present here help.

Here are a few tips:

1. Realize that no matter WHEN you hear about news or how much you worry about the event... those have absolutely no bearing on the fact that the event happened. In other words, the events are happening whether or not you already know about them. 

2. Regulate your flow of information. Consider waiting to "plug in" to the world until you've gotten ready for the day and consider unplugging for at least an hour before you go to sleep. 

3. Fight back against the false sense of immediacy that anxiety gives you.

4. Remember that you are allowed to feel, but not taking care of yourself may limit your ability to help or make a difference.

5. Taking good care of yourself allows you to funnel energy into action, which can make you feel less helpless. 

Quick update: HUGE giveaway going on right now at



Jun 21, 2018

Why hello there! This is a regular question and answer episode. Couple updates first: 

1. The audiobook for Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety has been updated and is WAY better. Check it out here:

2. There are three free lessons from my course that you can check out without any signups required at

Here are the questions covered in this episode:

  • What can I do about my intense anxiety and stomach pain when I have to go to school?
  • How can I go about telling my new romantic partner about my mental health issues?
  • When is the right time to stop therapy?

As always you can send me questions to

Jun 14, 2018

Hello, friends!

This is a straightforward question and answer episode. First a couple updates:

I changed the free preview content that is available on Now you can get three free lessons that cover defining anxiety, breathing strategies, and thinking traps. Good stuff.

The audiobook for F**k Anxiety will also be new and improved probably near the end of next week. I'll update again when the changes are processed.

Here are this week's questions:

  • My husband and I want to explore polyamory, but how can I get over my anxiety about him liking someone else more than me?
  • How can I get my family to stop abandoning me due to my bipolar?
  • What can I do now that my disability prevents me from doing the things that I used to love?

As always you can send me your questions to

Jun 7, 2018

In this episode, I do something a little different. This is a highly requested deep dive episode into the topic of ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. You know, those videos where people tap things and whisper on youtube? I used to make those videos. For almost 6 years, in fact. 

I talk about what ASMR is and give examples from different videos. At the end, I even give you a bonus ASMR audio sample recorded by yours truly. Enjoy! 

Here are the videos that I used samples from: ASMR 1H OF TAPPING NO TALKING! more than 1 hour! by Chiara ASMR ASMR 1 Hour Tapping | No Talking by ASMR Glow ASMR Purely Close Up Whispers | Ear to Ear by
LauraLemurex ASMR ASMR Dmitri Talks about a Dream - Soft Spoken Voice by Massage ASMR Cranial Nerve Test with Pat LaFontaine & Dr. James Kelly by brainline Asheville Mall Manicure Nail Buff, Great Gift by Ask Asheville OLD ~ Cranial Nerve Examination Roleplay by Cutebunny992

Binaural Dual Trigger Sounds ASMR by me [ASMR] Hearing Test Nurse (Soft Spoken) by GIBI ASMR

May 31, 2018

Hey, friends. This was a really good episode thanks to the awesome questions that I was sent in. In fact, I think this episode would be a really great one to share with your friends if you wanted to give them an example of my podcast ;).

Here are the questions that are covered in this episode:

  • Are repressed memories real and what should you do about them?
  • How do I know that I've fully processed recent losses in my family?
  • How can I get help when I'm 15, depressed, and embarrassed?

As always you can send me your questions to

And be sure to check out my new online anxiety course at


May 24, 2018

This episode is kind of a hybrid. It's not quite an interview. More of a collaborative question and answer session. I sat down with my friend Skye Stifel, a school psychologist that I went to grad school with, to answer your questions about kids and adolescents. Good stuff!

Please head over to to learn more about my 10-week intensive anxiety bootcamp! 

As always, please send me your questions for future episodes to


May 17, 2018

Hello, friends!! Today's episode is a question and answer session. I think it turned out pretty well despite some annoying flooding that happened in my office this week, which I talk about in the episode. 

Hey, if you are interested in taking your anxiety from a 9 to a 3 and taking back control of your life, be sure to follow me on twitter at and on facebook at because I will VERY soon be opening up pre-orders for my 10-week online course, Kick Anxiety's Ass. Stay tuned.

Here are the questions covered in this episode:

  • What can I do about my step-mother who does not support me being in therapy?
  • How can I make friends in college?
  • How can I build a thicker skin in the face of rejection?

If you have questions for a future episode, please send them on over to 

May 10, 2018

Hi, friends! Thanks for tuning in again. As always, I really appreciate your support and participation in this podcast. In this episode, I am interviewing Quinn Gee. She is a therapist, business owner, and all around badass. We talk about how she got into therapy, her own identity development, what it's like being a therapist, and some concepts related to black mental health. It was a great talk. 

Next week should be a regular question and answer episode, so send your questions to

Be sure to show Quinn some love at:


May 3, 2018

In this episode, I talk about options for depression that just does not seem subside despite your best efforts. If you have tried therapy, medication, and all of the other things that we are supposed to do to tackle depression, but you still can't put a dent in it, you may have "treatment resistant depression". It can be extremely frustrating to fall into this category, but I want to reassure you that there is still hope. In this podcast, I talk about different options and techniques that can be used to move past resistant depression.

Apr 26, 2018

Today's episode is a very interesting interview with "The Muslim Hippy" herself, Sakinah. I love this interview for several reasons. First off, we covered some great topics and Sakinah was totally open and real about her struggles with severe mental illness. It was also a very authentic picture of how you can persist and do cool things like a podcast interview in the context of your mental illness. Sakinah second guessed whether the interview was good quality because she was just coming off of an episode and felt that her thoughts were scattered. Regardless of this, I think that she did an amazing job and serves a a great model of having mental health issues AND kicking ass. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions for topics or potential guests, send them over to me at

Apr 19, 2018

Hey all! This is a deep dive episode that was prompted by an email question that I got. In this episode, I talk about the different types of therapy that are available. Of course, I don't cover every single one, but I describe some of the types of therapy that you are most likely to encounter including:

  • Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Integrative or Eclectic Therapy

Therapy is effective. Many people don't understand how talking with someone can help, but it does. The research is good on therapy outcomes, which is why insurance companies continue to cover it.

Please continue sending me your questions to, especially questions about kids for my upcoming episode with a school psychologist. 

Apr 12, 2018

Hello! This is a special episode. I got the chance to interview Dr. Andrea Letamendi. She is a clinical psychologist and the host of the Arkham Sessions podcast. She uses comics, nerdom, and pop culture as a vehicle to explain psychological concepts. We had a broad conversation about these topics, her background, and the field of psychology in general. I hope you enjoy!

Please send me your questions about children for an upcoming episode where I will enlist the help of a school psychologist to answer questions about kiddos. You can send them (and other questions) to

Please show Dr. Letamendi some love on twitter at and visit her website at



Apr 5, 2018

Hello, friends! This is another question and answer episode. Next week will be an interview with the amazing Dr. Andrea Letamendi all about comic books, pop culture, and mental health. 

I would really appreciate it if you would rate the show on iTunes OR share the show with your friends this week. 

Here are the questions covered in this episode:

  • How to I get over traumatic flashbacks when it has been over a year?
  • Do I have borderline personality disorder or bipolar?
  • Should I feel pressured to have sex?

As always you can send me your questions to

Mar 29, 2018

Today I have an interview with an amazing guest. Dr. Ron Holt is a psychiatrist who stepped away from direct clinical practice to focus directly on advocacy work related to LGBTQ issues. As a proud gay man, he describes his experience growing up and a variety of other topics such as tips for coming out safely. 

Please check out Ron's work at and at

Next week will be another question and answer episode, so be sure to send your questions to

Mar 22, 2018

Hello, everybody! We are back to the normal question and answer format this week. I really enjoyed episode 100, in which my friend Dan Fields interviewed me as a guest. If you haven't checked that one out yet, I suggest it! Next week will be another interview as well with an awesome guest. Here are the questions that I tackle this week:

  • What should I do to have a better work-life balance when my colleagues work all weekend?
  • Why do I have a great memory for school, but a terrible memory for social information?
  • Is stimming a valid coping strategy for fatigue and burnout as a person with autism?

If you have a question for the podcast, shoot me an email to or go to

Mar 15, 2018

Hello, friends! This is episode 100 of the podcast and as such I wanted to do something a little different. I invited my friend Dan Fields from the Save It For The Show podcast on to interview ME as a guest. We had a really interesting conversation about all kinds of stuff. Honestly, I wish we had another 2 hours to talk. Let me know if you'd like to hear a part 2 in the future. Super huge thanks to Dan for volunteering his time to this episode.

I also just wanted to say THANK YOU. This has been a really special project and I'm proud of what we've created here. I can't believe it's been 100 episodes. I am so honored and thankful for your support.

Mar 8, 2018

Episode 99, guys! Next week is big 100. I'll be doing something a bit different for that episode, so make sure you tune in for that one. This week is my first interview of the year. In this episode, I talk to Erez Shek about his experiences with bullying, bipolar, being a gay man, hospitalization, and social media. It was a great conversation! 

Please show Erez some love on twitter at: and check out his website at:

Do you have a guest that you would love to hear me interview? Let me know! Shoot me an email to

This episode was brought to you by Sudio. Check out for some awesome Swedish-designed bluetooth headphones. Use the offer code SELFHELP for 15% off! 

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