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This is a podcast dedicated to answering your questions about mental health, anxiety, depression, relationships, sex, and life WITHOUT psychobabble BS. I am Dr. Robert Duff, a psychologist from Southern California, but I'm also a regular dude who legitimately wants to help out. I wrote the best selling books Hardcore Self Help: F**k Depression and Hardcore Self Help: F**K Anxiety. Those are available at
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Sep 14, 2016

I really enjoyed the variety of questions in this episode. Please keep sending me in such awesome questions because they keep the show fresh and interesting. This is your show too! 

I share a little secret about the Audible Trial in this episode, so head by to put it to good use. 

Here are the questions that I cover:

  • As a man, what can I do to better deal with my anorexic tendencies?
  • What should I do when I can't handle hearing the emotional burden from my friends because it drains me and gets me worked up?
  • Should I be worried about my 4-year-old's imaginary friends when there is a family history of schizophrenia?

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Sep 7, 2016

This episode is a deep dive look into how you can suck less at sleeping. Sponsored this week by audible. Check out for a free month of audible and one free book. 

Here are the cliffnotes of this episode:

  • Good habits related to sleep are called "Sleep Hygiene" 
  • Most of it comes down to association and conditioning
  • You should have a consistent sleep routine
  • You should ONLY sleep in your bed vs working on the laptop, using your phone etc.
  • Get your phone out of the room
  • Wind down and go offline 30 min before bed
  • Avoid exercise, caffeine etc.

Keep sending me your questions to or on twitter at

Aug 31, 2016

Super awesome and very brave questions today with some common themes between them. Thank you all so much for continuing to be active participants in this show. Not only are you doing something great for yourself by asking your questions, but you may be helping someone else with a similar concern. Here's what we cover in today's episode:

  • Will my therapist break confidentiality if I disclose information about past self-harm?
  • What should I do if my therapist feels TOO emotionally close to me?
  • Is my current relationship just another form of self-harm? 

As always you can reach me on twitter at or via email at 


Aug 24, 2016

Before I talk about the episode, get your buns over to so that you can enter to win some awesome free stuff. Ending this week.

Anyway, this was another awesome possum question and answer episode. Super pleased with the variety of questions. Nice work and please keep them coming. Here is what we cover in this episode:

  • How do I cope with feeling detached from my body and experiences?
  • What should I do about a toxic friend?
  • What happens when you "know" for a fact that you are bad. Therapy can't help with that, right?

As always you can reach my on twitter at or email me

Aug 17, 2016

This is another deep dive episode where I focus on one topic and give you more in depth information than I typically do on the Q&A episodes. In this one, I talk all about the different terminology related to mental health treatment. I talk about the different terms for treatment itself such as therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling as well as the different people who provide services such as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, neurologists, and more. 

Fair warning- this information is pretty USA based since some of the terminology varies, but I hope it is helpful nonetheless! 

Next week will indeed be another Q&A episode, so keep sending your questions into me at or

Aug 10, 2016

On this episode, I talk with Heather Gray from about how she has been able to overcome the very difficult speed bumps in her life by being brave and re-choosing to live a happy life. She is a super strong woman and I think that definitely comes through in the interview. We did experience a few little technical issues during the interview, but I tried my best to edit around them. Apologies if I missed anything. 

Please check out Heather on twitter at and visit her website at

Next week is another Q&A so make sure you are sending in your questions! 

Aug 3, 2016

Another FANTASTIC grouping of questions today. This one is a little on the longer side, but I think there is a lot of valuable content to be had here. Above all I think that these questions were very BRAVE. Keep them coming! 

Don't forget to check out the NEW AUDIOBOOK for F**k Depression at

Here are the questions that are covered in this episode:

  • Should I be concerned about my feelings of anxiety and depression or is this just normal for a 14 year old?
  • How can I help my husband be less hard on my daughter about her weight and diet?
  • Should I avoid going into the mental health profession due to my own issues?

Don't forget to send your questions in to or

Jul 27, 2016

This was a fun one for me. In this episode, I do a "deep dive" into Pokemon Go and mental health. I talk about why the game is so effective and addicting as well as how that can be used in a very real way to combat mental health issues. I also address one particular way that it could cause distress for some. Please continue the conversation on twitter at and let me know your thoughts!

Jul 20, 2016

This episode fought back! My computer crashed when I recorded it the first time and I lost everything. Oh well. No biggie. Re-recorded it for you here and I don't mind at all because the questions were so great! Here's what we cover:

-Why don't my friends notice when I don't show up?

-How can I help my patients who seem traumatized from their medical treatment?

-Is it worth it to keep trying when I'm so depressed? 

As always you can send me your questions on twitter at or through email at

Jul 13, 2016

I'm not sick anymore! Yayyyy! This is another Q&A episode with some of my favorite questions yet. Don't forget to check the new merch at:

Here are the questions covered:

-Is it ever smart to just avoid situations that might trigger anxiety?
-How can I help a teen with a rough upbringing?
-Are my repressed memories of abuse real?

Don't forget to send me questions on twitter at or via email at 

Jul 6, 2016

I'm sick! Therefore I am going to save my voice and skip the Q & A this week. Instead, I have a treat for you. This is a full chapter from my upcoming audiobook for Hardcore Self Help: F**k Depression. It is chapter 8 entitled Be Nice To The Future You. I talk all about setting yourself for success instead of self-sabotaging like usual. 


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Jun 29, 2016

So this is interesting. I have my first Anonymous guest on the show. This person offered to come on and talk about their experiences with many different topics such as self-harm, childhood sexual abuse, and learning to take chances with the support of ongoing psychotherapy. She also generously offered to take follow up questions through email at Feel free to shoot her a message to say thanks for sharing her story! 

Next week will be another Q&A episode, so send me your questions on twitter at or through email at

Jun 22, 2016

Welcome to another question and answer episode. Some really fantastic questions this time around. Thank you so much for sending them in. I also give a little update about my next audiobook! Here's what is covered in this episode:

-How to deal with binge eating as a man

-How to reduce panic attacks 

-How to "fire" a therapy client

As always, you can reach me on twitter at or email me at

Jun 15, 2016

This week is another fantastic interview. I got the chance to sit and talk with a friend of mine, Andrea Gustafson, about her experiences with self-harm. More specifically, we talk about non-suicidal cutting, which means slicing yourself with a razor while NOT intending to kill yourself. It was super brave of Andrea to put herself out there and be honest in this episode, so please consider dropping her a line over on twitter at to say thank you! 

Next week will be another Q & A episode, so as always send your questions to me on twitter or through email

Jun 8, 2016

First off - super sorry about the technical glitches this past week. Had to switch to a new webhost because my old one (rhymes with shmost shmator) was being incredibly unhelpful in getting my site back up. That said, we should be in the clear now!

This is a Q&A episode. You all send in some fantastic questions this week and I am super excited to share them. Here's what I cover in this episode:

-How can I help my daughter who seems to have anxiety like mine? 

-Do I have sexual addiction or is my conservative background blowing things out of proportion?

-How do you deal with differing terminology in therapy? 


As always, you can reach my on twitter at or through email at 

Jun 1, 2016

This week I interview the lovely, talented, and down to earth Angel Giuffria. Angel is a congenital amputee who is missing a large portion of her left arm. She has used prosthetics all throughout her life and currently uses a bionic arm, which allows her to grip and rotate her hand. We cover all sorts of interesting topics, so please enjoy our wide-ranging interview. 

Currently Angel is keeping quite busy by working as an actress, informing the masses through public speaking, and grinding out the rest of her graduate school program. Find more of Angel on twitter at or on her imdb page at

May 25, 2016

I really liked the questions in this episode. Quite a variety here. Please forgive my more subdued voice - I had a long day full of talking. Anyway, here are the questions that I cover:

1 - How to overcome the impostor syndrome (feeling like you are a fraud).

2 - How to have good relationships when you have intense, codependent tendencies.

3 - What you can do about upset stomach with anxiety. 

As always you can send your questions to or email 

May 18, 2016

This is a super interesting interview! I got a chance to speak to Shannon McFarlin who is a therapist from Talkspace. Talkspace is one of the biggest platforms for internet-based psychotherapy for an affordable price. I do private online therapy, but I was not familiar with larger platforms like Talkspace, so this was totally enlightening for me. I walked away with a very positive impression.

If you or a loved one is thinking about trying out online therapy, check out and be sure to visit Shannon and say thank you over at


May 11, 2016

Got another episode full of very thought provoking listener questions for you today. If you would like to add any thoughts to my answers, tweet me @duffthepsych and I will retweet you! The questions in this episode are:

1. Is it okay to hug your therapist?

2. When should I bring up my bumpy relationship history with my new partner?

3. Should I change therapists? 


As always you can send me questions on twitter at or you can email me at


May 4, 2016

In this episode, I interview Lindsay Istace who is the creator or Rage Yoga ( You have probably heard of Rage Yoga already since it blew up on the news and social media. It is an alternative approach to yoga that strips away the BS and encourages you to release your inner tension through the use of a few choice expletives and "fist unicorn" additions to your normal yoga poses. This was a really insightful interview and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Please take a minute to check out all things rage yoga:


As a reminder, you can always reach me with feedback or questions at or

Apr 27, 2016

In this episode, I answer three super awesome questions that all have to do with different aspects of relationships.

1- How to cope with a severely depressed spouse when you are prone to depression and anxiety yourself.

2- How to break down the walls that prevent you from truly connecting with other people.

3- How to "get over" the loss of a relationship. 


As always, you can reach my at or via email at


Apr 20, 2016

This episode features a great interview with a new friend, Mike Billstrom from Mike talks about how he had to grow up very quickly to overcome an extremely turbulent upbringing. He found himself in the throes of depression, anxiety, and terrible self-esteem. That is until he found inspiration in the most unlikely of places... 


Apr 13, 2016

Another awesome episode full of listener questions. Don't forget to send in your questions to me on twitter ( or via email ( In this episode, I cover these really interesting questions:

1- What can I do about my social anxiety when I have to interact with important people?

2- Is there hope for me in recovering from my sexual abuse?

3- Should I worry about hallucinations that come along with my migraines?

Apr 6, 2016

This is an awesome episode. I welcome my very first guest, Ryan, to the show. He is a buddy of mine from college and we talk about his experiences with depression. I am really happy with this interview because Ryan was so willing to talk candidly and openly about things that just don't seem to be talked about enough in every day life. He has an awesome personal blog and I reference a particular post that he wrote about depression, which you can find here:

As always, you can send me your questions, thoughts, feedback, suggestions etc. via twitter at or email them to me at

Check out my books at and shoot me an email if you can't afford them for any reason (you don't need to tell me why). 

Mar 30, 2016

In this episode I ask you for your reviews and take some wonderful listener questions. You can send your questions to or email them to

First question: What if I am too aware of my anxiety?

Second question: How to deal with panic attacks aside from medication?

Third question: Are pets actually beneficial to your mental health?

As always, check out my books at

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